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A leading auction house for the auction of paintings, Asian art, curiosities, jewelry and antiques.

320+ successful auctions in Berlin, Bremen and online.

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Current surcharges

Starting price:
14.000 €
28.000 €
Empire-Tasse mit Unterteller

Marke 1782-1802

Starting price:
400 €
3.000 €
Großer Prunktafelaufsatz
Starting price:
10.000 €
15.000 €
Known from TV

Excellent team for estimates, advice & sales

Permanently employed art historians, industry experts and restorers guarantee value-based estimates and descriptions of the objects we auction.

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Over 200,000 collectors in the address book

Benefit from regularly maintained and sorted contacts to active collectors on all 6 continents, which are also continuously expanded through the takeover of the address books, web and name rights of renowned auction houses.

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Incorporated names and web rights, as well as address books