Special Auction by our Partner House Bolland & Marotz

Special Auction by our Partner House Bolland & Marotz: Worpswede Artists on August 31, 2024

Announcement of the special auction Worpswede Artists on August 31, 2024, featuring the estate auction of Fritz Uphoff and Lore Uphoff-Schill, conducted by HISTORIA Auction House, Berlin.

Bolland & Marotz in Bremen has been commissioned by the heirs to auction the artist estate of the Worpswede artist couple Fritz Uphoff and Lore Uphoff-Schill. The estate will be part of a Worpswede special auction at the end of August (the exact date of the auction and the times of the preview will be announced later). All items will be available for preview at Bolland & Marotz.

Approximately 300 items are planned for auction, including paintings, graphics, and very rare Art Deco silver and brass objects designed by Fritz Uphoff and executed by the Bremen goldsmith August Haarstick. Among many other interesting objects, a candlestick, lidded boxes, vases, tea caddies, and other, partly art-historically significant objects will also be auctioned.

Here we present some of the auction lots:

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