Just a few days left until the 167th auction

The 167th HISTORIA Auctionata auction from January 23 to 30, 2024, is starting soon!

Do you want to participate in this exciting auction and bid on a favorite item, but haven’t registered or signed up for this auction yet? Then you should do it now and register to be approved by our team for the 166th auction, because without this brief registration, you won’t be able to place bids, and that would be a real shame, wouldn’t it?

And because it’s sometimes really hard to make a decision, here are two tips: after registering and being approved by our team, you can place a bid at any time, even spontaneously during the ongoing auction. The very last chance would then be a live bid at the exact moment the item is being called up: but that’s pure thrill!

For bidders who don’t like it quite so exciting: if you can’t make up your mind and you receive several successful bids in the auction, our logistics team will automatically consolidate your wins and – as far as technically possible – send them together to you in the cheapest and yet safest way. This usually saves you quite a bit on shipping costs!

By the way: Miniatures can be sent very, very cheaply because they are small and handy! Over 50 pieces from an interesting collection are waiting for you!

No matter what you’ve picked out: We wish you lots of fun bidding and an exciting auction!

Your HISTORIA Auctionata auction team