Spectacular repatriation of 10 Old Master paintings

In 2010, our experts discovered a lost collection of ten Old Master paintings from the picture gallery of Sanssouci Palace, including a painting from the workshop of Peter Paul Rubens, in a private estate and returned them to the Foundation of Prussian Palaces and Gardens in Berlin-Brandenburg: Literally hidden behind a cupboard, the paintings had stood for many years in the Berlin household until the heirs, who did not like them, wanted to sell them. It was a completely unexpected find for us and the Foundation, which had the paintings restored and are now once again on display in an appropriate setting.

In 2021, another lost painting, which formerly adorned the bedroom of the Prussian emperor in the Berlin City Palace, was discovered. Historia donated it to the Foundation of Prussian Palaces and Gardens in Berlin-Brandenburg, as well as a long-lost baptismal jug from the 18th century to the parish of Netzen in Brandenburg in 2024.