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The Beginnings: Focus on Art and Antiques

Historia Auction House was founded in 1995 in Ganderkesee, near Bremen, and quickly made a name for itself by specializing in the auctioning of art and antiques.

Expansion and Relocation to Berlin

A pivotal moment for Historia came in 2006, when Christian Gründel and Vincent ten Vergert took over the management and initiated a phase of expansion. This was bolstered by the acquisition of the Altus auction house in Berlin in 2007, followed by a strategic move to Berlin in 2008 to position itself at the heart of the German art market.

Spectacular Discovery: The Treasures of Sanssouci Palace

In 2010, Christian Gründel and Vincent ten Vergert discovered a long-lost collection of Old Master paintings from the Picture Gallery of Sanssouci Palace hidden behind a cupboard in a Berlin household. Among these remarkable finds were works from the workshop of Peter Paul Rubens. These extraordinary art treasures were acquired and returned to the Foundation of Prussian Palaces and Gardens in Berlin-Brandenburg, where they can now be accessed by the public again.

Merger and Growth: The Acquisition of Bolland & Marotz

The acquisition of the renowned Bremen auction house Bolland & Marotz in 2012 marked another strategic step in expanding Historia’s presence in the German market. This acquisition symbolized not only the growth of Historia but also the merger of two traditional houses into a common success story. The conduct of auctions at both locations and the distribution of selected goods groups increased the chances of achieving the best possible bids and offered a comprehensive solution for collection and estate resolutions.

Customer Growth and Internationalization

Historia has continuously expanded its customer base through investments in online marketing and by acquiring more than 20 renowned auction houses along with their client files across Germany. The successful auction of Pierre Brice’s personal estate in 2015, the acquisition of the web and naming rights of the insolvent online auction house Auctionata in 2017, and the auction of the erotic art collection of Beate Uhse in 2020, highlight the effective implementation of this strategy.

Looking into the Future: Tradition Meets Innovation

Adapting to digital trends, as well as observing and expanding growing markets, continues to strengthen Historia’s market position. The focus is on a balanced mix of proven business practices and innovative methods. This approach deepens existing relationships with collectors and artists while developing new partnerships. This enables Historia to successfully maintain its role in the art and antiques market and expand in a dynamic market environment.

Our Team

Vincent ten Vergert

Managing Director and expert for porcelain, bronzes & furniture

Christian Gründel

Certified Expert – Partner and Acquirer

Michael Lehrberger

Auctioneer and Acquirer

Dr. Christina Schulze

Art historian and director of the Bremen auction house Bolland & Marotz

Swen Stein

Art historian and head of the Art and Sculpture department specializing in prints

Juliana Tatcheva

Art historian and head of the porcelain department

Jörg Spott

Sworn expert for watches, watchmaker and publicly appointed and sworn auctioneer

Gaby Schlüsselburg

Gemmologist and Head of the Jewellery Department

Arno Borgers

Art historian and head of the Asian department

Christoph Friess

Responsible for incoming goods, expert for militaria and collectibles

Kerstin Niebisch

Art historian and head of the glass and silver department

Stefanie Thomas

Certified restorer and head of the Fashion & Customer Service department

Verena Schrade

Art historian & expert for porcelain and head of customer service

Oskar Kampik

Responsible for the optimization of digital processes and business development

Peter Meyer

Photographer, Media design & Media production non print

Silke Missal

Account Manager & Certified restorer

Tim Christoph

Head of the Logistics Department

Ines Weiss

Head of Shipping Department

Mirko Heinrich

Contact for everything to do with secure shipping

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