HISTORIA 166th Auction

It’s that time again, the next auction at HISTORIA Auctionata is on the horizon.

One week later than planned, but the waiting has definitely been worth it. Packed with an outstanding jewelry collection, including pieces from the TRIKA collection by BVLGARI and more than 1,000 other jewelry and gems. The offering is also wide-ranging when it comes to exquisite handbags from HERMES (including Kelly Bags and various Birkin Bags), as well as many bags and accessories from renowned international luxury brands (such as CHANEL, GUCCI, FENDI, and LOUIS VUITTON).

Fine silver is presented in great variety in the 166th auction, including particularly rare pieces from the era of the Tsars in Russia, such as an extremely rare internally gilded silver box with side handles, crowned by the double-headed eagle.
All other departments, starting with watches, through to Asian art, sculptures, and various items, and finally to paintings, each hold their own very special highlights, treasures, and true gems. Listing them all here would be far too extensive.

We recommend taking a look at our current catalog and embarking on a pre-Christmas discovery journey. You are sure to find one or more interesting pieces for yourself or your loved ones that you’d like to bid on. To do so, please register in advance, preferably right HERE.
Wishing you a lot of fun and success with your bids!
HISTORIA Auctionata Auction Team