A new chapter begins with the acquisition of Auctionata

In a strategic move underscoring the commitment of Historia Auction House to expand its digital and global offerings, we are pleased to announce the acquisition of the web and name rights of the former auction house Auctionata. This development not only signifies significant growth for Historia but also marks the beginning of a new chapter in the digital auction world.

Auctionata, once a leading force in the digital auction sector, had to file for bankruptcy earlier this year, unfortunately. Despite considerable investments of almost 100 million euros in Auctionata and Paddle8, the company could not be saved. In this phase of restructuring, Historia has acquired the web and name rights from Auctionata to continue its legacy and present our customers with an expanded offering.

The acquisition highlights Historia’s ability to adapt and expand in the dynamic world of art auctions. By integrating the Auctionata platform into our portfolio, we not only strengthen our position in the market but also open up new, exciting opportunities for our customers and consignors. Historia has already made a name for itself by acquiring insolvent auction houses; the Auctionata deal is our biggest and most significant step yet.

We are excited about the possibilities this acquisition offers and look forward to accompanying our customers on this new journey. With a reinforced focus on digital innovations and an expanded catalog of artworks and antiques, we aim to be the first choice for auction lovers worldwide.

Historia Auction House thanks all customers and partners for their continued trust and support. We invite you to be part of our expanded offering and join us in shaping the future of art auctions.