World’s Largest Collection of Matchbox Holders

The complete – and largest collection of items from about 150 years of match history in the world, consisting of approximately 3,000 match holders, neatly summarized in about 600 lots, is going to be called up for auction on August 26, 2023, starting at around 11:30 AM.

These artistically designed containers for matches come from all over the world, crafted in all the techniques of art from bronze, pewter, copper, Bakelite, wood, ceramic, porcelain, plastic, and other materials.

The collection, lovingly assembled over many decades by Wolf-Rüdiger Reinhardt, is being auctioned off due to age reasons and is known nationwide through various media reports. It represents an incredible treasure for every collector and enthusiast of arts and crafts and design: the diversity of artifacts dating back to the year 1800 related to fire and flame is almost overwhelming.

Preview: Mon., 08/14 to Fri., 08/18/2023, each day from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM at our business premises at Manteuffelstr. 27, 12103 Berlin Tempelhof. No prior registration required.

Auction: on 08/26/2023 starting at approx. 11:30 AM online and live at our business premises at Manteuffelstr. 27, 12103 Berlin Tempelhof

Contact person: Arno Borgers, art historian, HISTORIA Auction House, Berlin Email: Tel: +49-30-2181818

The complete online catalog for the auction will be published shortly on our website. Please register in time to be able to bid live and in real time in the auction!