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Datum der Auktion: 23. Mi Aug 2023

Large rococo potpourri lidded


Startpreis: EUR 2,000

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Large rococo potpourri lidded vase, KPM-Berlin, circa 1900, 2nd choice, Based on an 18th century design – On stepped round stand with acanthus leaf decoration the bulged vase with indented shoulder and lip bead. Curved cartouches on both sides surrounded by lush, extremely detailed rose blossoms and vines. Curved acanthus leaves set into the sides as implied handles. Depressed, openwork hood lid with opulent, triple rose petal knob. Oppulent soft painting rose bouquet and mauve bouquet on both sides, partly bumped and inside fire cracks. H. 66,5 cm, Lit.: similar piece in the Hassan Sabbet collection, Franca Dietz, p. 130, 131

Kategorie: Porcelain