Auctions on site & on the web

5 to 6 auction each year, each auction offering more than 3000 items.

In the auction house

We proudly organize traditional auctions in our saleroom in Berlin-Tempelhof.
To participate, please register in time with your ID-card on-site and you will receive your bidder-paddle. Auctions start at 10 a.m., doors open at 9 a.m.

Alternative bidding options

  • online bidding

    By bidding on our internet catalog, we can transfer your bids directly to our auction program and confirm receipt. This saves time and avoids mistakes.

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  • via letter

    Send us your bidding order by post, stating the catalog number, description of the property, numbered bid and your address andtelephone number.

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  • via telephone

    For telephone bids during the auction, you must register with us online at least 24 hours before the start of the auction with your data. Our employees guarantee participation in real time.

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  • via fax

    Of course, you can also send a bidding order by fax. As with the letter order, we need the catalog number, description of the property, numbered bid and your address and telephone number.

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Online auctions

Access our current catalog from anywhere at any time, bid and also purchase items – that have not been auctioned off – in the post-auction sale.

Important information

We send the invoices by post and / or email. If you have specified a shipping request on your bid form, the invoice already includes the shipping costs (without guarantee).
The transfer of the shipping costs also applies to us as a shipping order. If you still want to collect your goods personally, we will only refund the shipping costs that have already been paid to a limited extent. Please inform us immediately.
More detailed information on shipping and transport can be found under the corresponding menu item. A surcharge of 27% including VAT is added to the hammer price. VAT charged.
Since VAT is only levied on the commission, i.e. the auction service provided in Germany and not on the goods, no VAT refund can be made if the objects are exported. Bidders from abroad will receive their invoice by email.
Please also note that for all artworks subject to resale right according to paragraph 26 UrhG (see, we charge pro rata 2% of the hammer price.

The objects listed in the catalog are called at the specified limit price. The price increases from € 0 to € 200 by € 10, then in approx. 10% steps, whereby the auctioneer reserves the right to deviate.
If there is no or only a written bid, the limit is called. If there are several written bids, the call is made approx. 10% above the second highest written bid.
Written bids will only be taken up with the amount necessary to outbid the respective preliminary bid by one step (approx. 10%). You can also get the bid far below your maximum bid. In the case of written bids of the same amount, the order in which the bids are received is decisive.
In the case of “Without Limit Offers” (o.L.), the auctioneer begins with the highest possible written bid.

If you submit bids that are below the limit specified in the catalog, we are obliged to ask the consignor for approval. If your sub-bid is outbid or the property is sold at the limit, you will not necessarily be informed. We can usually grant a discount of 10% for objects in the after sale.

Payment can be made in cash, by EC card, by check (only known customers) or by bank transfer. When paying by credit card we have to charge a fee of 5% incl. Raise VAT from the invoice amount. The invoices must be paid within 10 days of the invoice being issued.

Bank details:

Credit institution OLB AG
IBAN DE78 2802 0050 2264 0122 00
Account holder Christian Gründel, Vincent ten Vergert


We charge 19% VAT on our buyer’s premium or shipping costs and not on the object purchased: This means that we tax our services rendered in Germany.
A refund of VAT is possible for foreign customers who are art dealers and have an EU tax number that they can tell us: In this case we issue the invoice without VAT.
For non-EU customers, the invoice must include VAT until the export of the object has been confirmed by customs.
This means that VAT has to be paid in advance and can only be reimbursed if we have the customs documents that confirm the export has taken place.

Paid objects can already be picked up during the current auction, provided that they are easily accessible to employees.
Written bidders whose auctioned goods cannot be shipped must pick them up or have them picked up within 10 days (see also General Terms and Conditions).
We are happy to help you find a transport company. Please note: Our house is always closed on Tuesday before the auction and on Sunday and Monday after the auction.