Alternative bids

There are several ways to bid. The most frequented one is the live bidding option. Please scroll down for detailed instructions.

Bidding by e-mail

Send us a scanned bidding order for a written bid to the e-mail address with the following information:

  • Catalogue number
  • Short description of the object
  • Figured bid
  • Your complete address with telephone number

With your signature you confirm that you are bidding under acceptance of the auction conditions. You will find the bidding order for download at the top and bottom of this page.

Bidding by letter / Written pre-bid

Successful bidders will receive the invoice with the hammer prices a few days after the auction by mail or, if desired, by e-mail. Alternatively, you can also check the list of results published on our homepage to see whether the bid you have submitted has been accepted. Please note that the knockdown can also take place below your maximum bid – your pre-bid will only be exhausted by us to the extent that it is necessary to outbid counter-bidders.

Bidders who have placed their bids online will find a corresponding note about the knockdown in their account.

If you have specified a shipping wish, the costs for packaging and shipping are already included in the invoice amount. If you do not find any costs for packaging and shipping on the invoice, the auctioned object is too large, too heavy or too fragile for regular postal shipping – or there are too many objects for which shipping by a forwarding agent would be cheaper. In these cases, our forwarding agent will contact you to discuss the time of delivery and transport costs. You will then pay the transport costs directly to the carrier upon delivery of the goods. In this case we ask you to settle the invoice in advance.

Bidding by telephone

When you register as a telephone bidder, you automatically bid the limit price indicated in the catalogue. If we cannot reach you at the time of the call and there are no counterbidders, you will be awarded the limit price. You are also welcome to use the possibility to enter a maximum bid in the bidding field – we will use this security bid to protect your interest if the telephone connection is not established. Of course you can also enter an alternative telephone number in case you cannot be reached on the first telephone number. Please note that we will not call you on our landline number (030 2181818) – this line must be kept free for our customers. You will receive a call from a mobile number.

Online bidding / Live bidding

Bid live – as if you were in the hall!

After your registration and activation you can see under “Bids” the objects you are bidding on. You can use the watch list and the bidding schedule (more information on this can be found below).

And this is how you place a bid online:

  • Go to the menu item “Auctions”.
  • Click on “Online Catalogue”. Here all items of the auction are listed with picture, minimum price (limit) and a description. To get a detailed description, click on “Bidding”, the picture or the title of the item.
  • Now click in detail on “Bidding”. A dialogue will open where you can enter your bid and read the minimum bid and your own bid to date.
  • Enter the bid amount (without commas, cents and subsequent zeros).
  • You can place the bid immediately or you can place it on your bidding plan and then send it collectively.
  • Submit a bid immediately: Click on “Bid”. If this is the first time you are placing a bid on our website, please confirm the terms and conditions and complete your profile to continue. Now confirm your bid.
  • Place on bidding plan: Click on “Set on bidding schedule”. You will receive a confirmation that the bid has been added to your bidding schedule and can now close the dialog box or continue to the bidding schedule or bidding list.

To register for a telephone bid and place a “security bid”, follow the first four of the steps described above as for an online bid. Now click on “telephone bid”. Confirm this in the subsequent dialog box.

The receipt of your bid will be confirmed by us within two days. If you do not receive a confirmation, please contact us in time before the auction starts. The catalogue number stated on the bidding order is binding, as only numbers are entered into the computer. Of course we process written bids with the greatest care, but without guarantee.

  • The bids are without premium and the value added tax levied on it.
  • All bids must be received at least 24 hours before the auction starts.

Please note that submitted bids are binding and cannot be subsequently cancelled. If you want to increase a bid, we also need this in written form. The old bid will then be overwritten.

Register as live bidder

1. Register

Please register first on the page as a user. Click on the link Register and enter your e-mail address and a password of your choice. You will immediately receive an e-mail with an activation link to your e-mail address. Click this link to activate your access. Now you can log in by clicking on the log in button in the upper right corner of the page.

2. Fill in your profile

After you have logged in with your email address and password, navigate in the menu via ‘My profile’ to the menu item ‘Profile data’. Please fill in all mandatory fields and click on ‘Save’.

 3. Please accept the auction conditions 

To do this, navigate to ‘Live Auction’ via the ‘Auctions’ menu. Here you can see in the paragraph ‘Activation’ the auction conditions of the auction house over the field ‘Auction conditions’. Click under the auction conditions on ‘Accept’ to agree to them.

4. Request activation as live bidder

Before each auction you have to apply for the activation as a live bidder again. If the online catalogue has been published, you can immediately apply for activation online. If the activation is applied for later than 24 hours before the auction, it is possible that we cannot process the activation request in time!

Please click on the button “Check activation status here” on this page. If the online catalogue is active, you will see your authorisations. Click on the field ‘Request authorization’. The field will now turn yellow and your activation will be requested directly from the auction house. If you do not see any authorizations, the auction is not yet activated and you see the note “As soon as a live auction is due you can request or check authorization for the auction here.

As soon as the auction house issues an activation, you will be informed by e-mail and can see that the field is now highlighted in green by clicking the button “Check activation status here”.

Congratulations! You can now participate in the live auction.