Live-bidding – How it works

1. Register

Please register first on the page as a user. To do this, click on the Register link and enter your e-mail address and a password of your choice. You will immediately receive an email with an activation link to the email address you provided. Click this to activate your access. Now you can register by clicking on the Register button in the top right corner of the page.

2. Fill out your profile completely. 

After you have logged in with your email address and your password, navigate in the menu via ‚My profile‘ to the menu item ‚Profile data‘. Please fill out all mandatory fields and click on ‚Save‘.

 3. Please accept the auction conditions.  

Navigate to ‚Live auction‘ via the ‚Auctions‘ menu. Here you can see the auction conditions of the auction house in the section ‚Activation‘ via the field ‚Auction conditions‘. Under the terms and conditions of the auction, click on ‚Accept‘ to agree.

4. Apply for activation as a live bidderapply for 

Before each auction, you mustapproval as a live bidder. If the online catalog has been published, you can immediately apply for activation online. If the activation is requested later than 24 hours before the auction, we may not be able to process the activation request in time!

On this page, please click on the „Check activation status here“ button. If the online catalog is active, you will see your authorizations. Click on the ‚Request authorization‘ field. The field now turns yellow and your activation is requested directly from the auction house. If you do not see any authorizations, the auction has not yet been activated and you will see the message „As soon as a live auction is pending, you can apply for or check authorization for the auction.“

As soon as the auction house issues an activation, you will be sent an email informed and can see via the button „Check activation status here“ that the field is now highlighted in green.

Congratulations! You can now participate in the live auction.