165th auction – a complete success +++ Nice that you were there! +++ After sale just started +++ 2 complete departments are completely sold out +++ Huge media interest: ensures top results +++ Two important collections find new owners

Dear collectors and enthusiasts,

Thank you very much! The 165th HISTORIA Auctionata auction was a great success and we would like to thank you for your keen interest and participation. Of course, we were particularly pleased that we were finally able to auction in front of the audience again: Thank you for being with us in person and for filling the auction with new life, real excitement and an incomparable atmosphere. At short notice, our team even had to add the seating because the hall was full to the last seat.

Because it was so nice, we will again allow visitors to our auctions in the future within the scope of the spatial possibilities. We are already looking forward to your next visit: live in Berlin and of course online.

At this point I would also like to say thank you to all media representatives and camera teams for their great reports and reports. You can find these in the media libraries of the major broadcasters and in the archives of many well-known newspapers.

If you missed something in the heat of the exciting bidding wars during the auction, or are still looking for the perfect piece for your collection, you’re in luck:

The online after sale has just started. It is online from now on and will end as soon as the last pieces are sold. Take advantage of this short time and the opportunity to acquire some impressive works of art, decorative antiques, valuable jewelery or rare collector’s items.

You should not let this opportunity pass you by. And you should be quick. For two good reasons:

  1. One-time offers: Each piece in the after sale is only available once. This means that the bid submitted first will be awarded the contract. Sometimes there are even previously undiscovered bargains, e.g. if the consignor was still willing to negotiate after the campaign. Take advantage of this second chance to acquire a unique object or small rarities at reasonable prices.
  2. Diverse selection: Although well over 4,600 items were auctioned, the after sale still includes a wide range of art, antiques, jewelery and much more. All departments still have very interesting pieces to offer; However, the DDR Museum and the Reinhardt Collection (match box) are completely sold out.

In the newly created post-sale catalog on our website, you can quickly and easily find the item that best suits your interest and taste. Maybe this time you will find something in a completely different collection area. Let’s go on a treasure hunt at HISTORIA – time is ticking! Our dedicated team is of course happy to assist you with any questions or concerns.

Gallery of top results, surprises and discoveries:

With the huge interest and media hype in the hall and on the internet, it would be very surprising if the 165th auction could not come up with record-breaking hammer prices.

TODAY: Lot: 8740 Barkas Krankentransporter B 10. Starting price: EUR 100.00 / Result: EUR 18,000.00

Barkas ambulance B 1000 KK, VEB Barkas-Werke, white, unknown year of construction, first registration 11.12.1987, the neurology department in Mühlhausen.

Lot 8740, a Barkas patient transporter B 1000 KK, VEB Barkas, white, unknown year of construction, first registration 11.12.1987, only previous owner State Hospital for Psychiatry and Neurology Mühlhausen literally went through the roof with a nerve-wracking bidding war between bidders and an online bidder.

The first bids, which came in rapidly after the starting price of EUR 100, gave reason to expect a good result, but nobody expected that the hammer would only fall at EUR 18,000. Shortly before the bid was accepted, none of the bidders wanted to give up and so there was a noticeable struggle for every further bid: the audience in the hall initially appreciated this exciting finale with a murmur, but then with a brilliant applause for the highest bidder on the Internet.

The media had also found their highlight of the DDR Museum Döberitz auction and there was hardly a newspaper or broadcaster that did not report on this vehicle and its auction. All objects from this museum have found happy new owners.

The new owner can also count himself extremely lucky: in this version and in this state of preservation, as well as its complete equipment, this vehicle should be extremely rare, if not downright unique. Congratulations!

That’s it for today – now we wish you a lot of fun choosing and good luck in the after sale! Thank you and best regards from Berlin, your HISTORIA Auctioanata auction team.

We look forward to see you again:

The 166th HISTORIA Auctionata auction will take place – again with the usual huge selection – from Tuesday, Oct. 31 to probably Tuesday, Nov. 07, 2023.

Stay informed! More exciting auction stories, remarkable results, employee portraits, surprises, unexpected discoveries and information about new acquisitions and objects in preparation at HISTORIA, as well as first-hand information from the world of auctions are available almost daily on our social media channels.